About Us

AddressLoc.com is address information directory of places in United States of America (USA). Our mission is to deliver public places information including its address, phone numbers, postal code and map to wider community. To provide more address, we are open to receive additional new addresses from our users. With this openness, hopefully our database will be more complete to meet the needs of address data to more people. Our mission is to bring more addresses can be easily found by more people and become the first referral site in address search.

Why Add Address to AddressLoc.com?

Every day, millions of people, especially American citizens access the internet for various purposes, one of them is to search addresses. Of those millions of people there may be someone looking for a place that may be your office, your business, or your company. You can both help them find the address they are looking and promoting your business at the same time. Add your business address now and see how much people you can help. AddressLoc.com is your address search answer.